About us

DUNS – 561376261.       NCAGE – SGMR5

MCJSupport Org is a registered non-profit organization incorporated under the companies act 2013, Licensed by the government of The Gambia, through the Ministry of Justice under the Attorney Generals Office. With the registration number 2017/C5253 – 16 October 2017.

Partners are The US State Department, Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education the Gambia, Physics Education Technology (PHeT) and National Youth Council under The Ministry of Youths and Sports, The Gambia.

The NGO was founded to respond to the government’s efforts to recognize the importance of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as prerequisites for skills development, innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and employability. It aims to respond to the education sector’s challenges, of which there are many: inadequate infrastructure, an insufficient number of trained teachers in STEM fields, students often less-than-positive attitudes towards mathematics and science, an inadequate number of schools offering science, and inadequate teaching and learning materials, among others.


MCJSupport Org sole aim is to use Information Technology as a supplement to help improve the educational system of The Gambia.


The core work of MCJSupport Org is the planning, development, and implementation of educational aid systems for government schools in The Gambia


Create an environment through Digital means to decentralize and spread quality education through Information Technology and Supplement government efforts to provide universal access to education for all the children in The Gambia.


Through collaborative and participatory efforts of all-inclusive parties in line with the government’s policy to Education, to develop a computer literate and technologically competent populace with a renewed emphasis on Science and Technology.  Developing a productive and capable human resource base for the new millennium, regardless of race, color or religious belief.

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