MCJSupport Org, Ideal Startup Project Evaluation and Beneficiary Dialogue

Sometime in 2017, we started a small project to help startup businesses in The Gambia with Information Technology issues ranging from Business Identity, Social Media Presence, Business Card Designs, Adverts, Packaging Strategies etc. As part of efforts to discourage the issue of Illegal Migration of Youths to Europe. Part of the dialogue, was to reviewContinue reading “MCJSupport Org, Ideal Startup Project Evaluation and Beneficiary Dialogue”

St John’s School for the Deaf

Today a team of MCJSupport Volunteers and Lamin Sawaneh, visited St Johns School for Deaf, ahead of a Deaf Support Programme. We met the principal to update him on the progress of our activity to make sure the programme is implemented, ahead of establishing contact with potential donors. Lamin Sawaneh is a Gambian based inContinue reading “St John’s School for the Deaf”

Digital Literacy Programme

Digital Literacy Programme, joint Project between MCJSupport Org, National Youth Council, and EduKid. The aim of this activity is to: – Build the capacity of youth leaders from the National Youth and Civil society organizations to make wise and effective use of ICT. – Gain relevant professional skills to discourage the issue of illegal migrationContinue reading “Digital Literacy Programme”

Ideal Startup Project

“ As part of our objectives, is to help startup businesses with Information Technology problems to discourage the issue of illegal migration to Europe, and promote the idea that going to Europe does not guarantee success. Since the inception, we have helped few amazing Gambians, most especially female entrepreneurs with social media strategies for proactiveContinue reading “Ideal Startup Project”

Meeting Taf Africa Global Officials

Our President and Secretary General had a presentation at Taf Africa Global, to see how best we can partner to make sure the #DeafSupportProgramme is implemented at St Johns School for the Deaf In more recent times, the number of pupils at St John’s School for the Deaf has risen from about 150 in 2004 to nearerContinue reading “Meeting Taf Africa Global Officials”

The Directeur général chez ONG Plantons Utile, Eric Lemetais

Our President met with The Directeur général chez ONG Plantons Utile, Eric Lemetais. who is currently working on an educational project about climate change with the Moringa tree as the main éducative tool. Part of what was discussed at the meeting is to build a partnership between the two organisations to supplement government efforts toContinue reading “The Directeur général chez ONG Plantons Utile, Eric Lemetais”