Launching of The Gambia Early Adapter Network

MCJSupport Org Team was invited to the official launching of the Gambia Early Chapter Network, which was followed by a presentation on Data Science and Innovation, by Babucarr Foon, using The Gambia as the main educative tool.
Africa. The Gambia in particular, struggles a lot in terms of data collection and integrity of the data collected, cons and pros of the conventional form of collecting data and its fallbacks.
Using GeoTags and close to accurate ways of collecting datasets was also discussed by Babucarr Foon, President of GEAN
Our President Muhammed Chuka Joof, gave a quick rundown of the Aim, Objectives, and Current projects MCJSupport Org is working on, and also add up to what Babucarr said with regards to accurate data, which he believes can help develop The Gambia through Information Technology.

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