MCJSupport ORG-President and Project Director Remark at DSP Lab Opening

MCJSupport Org President and Project Director- Deaf Support Program Muhammed Chuka Joof, at the event, gave a synopsis of the projects the organization has been working on, one of which is the PhET Project with the MINISTRY of BASIC & SECONDARY EDUCATION (MoBSE) THE GAMBIA, and St John’s School for the Deaf happens to be one the first schools in the Gambia to use it. The need for more interventions like these are needed if we want to develop The Gambia and Africa as a whole. Limited resources and an uncomfortable learning environment poses a major threat to the understanding of Science and Mathematics, which is two of the most fundamental blocks to engineering and other untapped areas of specialization.

He further emphasized the need for parents to be more supportive to their children, encourage them that disability is not an inability, many of the students are faced with the daily struggles of being looked down upon and if children with disability are treated the right way, then we will have more of the Binta Werkman Badjies in The Gambia.

and Concluded, by thanking the U.S. Embassy Banjul, The Gambia, for funding the project and PhET Interactive Simulations for providing the additional resources in making sure the decentralization and spread of quality education in The Gambia is attainable.

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