Charge d’Affaires of U.S. Embassy Banjul, The Gambia, Shelly Seaver. Remark

The Charge d’Affaires of U.S. Embassy Banjul, The Gambia, Shelly Seaver. At the event, stated. The Embassy did not hesitate to support this program because of its potential for contributing to the empowerment of the Deaf students. This project will introduce the Deaf students to technology-based education with the goal of bridging the opportunity gaps. This will enable them to build critical STEM academic skills for productivity and future employability. These new skills will help students breakdown the barriers and show that the Deaf are important. Talented members of Gambian society.

The United States Government-funded this program because it also complements a key U.S. government goal in The Gambia – improving education and empowering disadvantaged and marginalized communities. We believe in you – the deaf students – and we believe that you and all Gambian children are the future of Africa. We have every confidence in you that you will be inspired by other Deaf Gambians who have broken all barriers to achieve greater academic and professional success. And when I think of such individuals, Binta Badjie, a deaf rights advocate, and a 2019 Mandela Washington Fellow comes to mind.

The United States is interested in strengthening the capacity of all Gambians, regardless of their conditions and status, because of not only our firm commitment to equal opportunities for all but because that is the right approach. We are proud of our continuous support to The Gambia’s sustainable development path through vibrant programs like this one. This support will be consistent, and we will continue to explore innovative ways of expanding our reach in The Gambia. The U.S. and The Gambia share a strong partnership and this program is part of that partnership.


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